Jennifer R Perreault, LPC                                        - Individual, Couples, Small Business  & Spiritual Guidance

What are your fees?
I charge $70.00 per 60 minute Individual Counseling Session and
$100.00 per Couple Counseling Session

If using online or telephone counseling services, how do I begin?
Contact me via email or phone.  The first 15 minute conversation and/or initial email is FREE.  At that time I will get a basic understanding of what you are looking for out of our sessions.  After you decide if these services are right for you, you can make a payment using paypal and once I receive payment (I usually receive conformation within minutes)then we can begin our sessions
Who Pays for the Phone call?
I will pay for the phone call.  If you contact me initially through the website or via email I will incur all costs.  If you make the initial phone contact, I will get your number and call you back as soon as possible. 
When is a good time to call or email?
Contact me at your convenience. I will call or email you back within 24 hours unless it is on the weekend or holiday.  Please let me know the best time to reach you. 
How do I Get a Skype account if I do not have one?

Skype accounts are free.  Follow the link to set up an account, if you still need further assistance contact me.
How do I know it is confidential?

I take all precautions to protect your privacy when using my services. My utmost concern is you and your privacy. All data is stored on completely secure servers that only I have access to. As in traditional therapy services, client record information is maintained in accordance with professional guidelines, securely stored and kept confidential. 
Our email sessions will be kept by me for up to six months.  It will be kept safe and confidential.  Please keep in mind that if you are receiving any correspondence conducted at work it may belong to your employer who also has the right to access your accounts and files and to review any contents. Avoid placing yourself in a position where others will have access to your personal e-mails or any other personal contacts. Be careful about storing service related e-mails and contacts on your personal computer as well, and delete any correspondence and web addresses that you would not want others to view if you would like copies to be resent via email please let me know . Be sure to delete your sent files and empty your trash and recycle bins, and erase any chat logs generated when necessary. 

Keep in mind the online counselor-client relationship presents a unique set of components given the electronic communications used, and I ask that you consider my rights to professional privacy as well. The use of session material outside of the span of your own personal treatment purposes is prohibited.  I respectfully request that you not distribute, share, forward or reprint any session information that we transmit or discuss.
I work under the state laws of Pennsylvania
Statement of Confidentiality
It is my policy to protect to the maximum extent possible the privacy of every client.  Generally, no one will be given any information about either you or services furnished to you without your prior written authorization or consent.  There are, however, some circumstances which require the disclosure of information without your consent.
Briefly these are:
a)      When mandated by state or federal law (i.e. suspicion or  
          knowledge of child abuse or neglect)
b)      When there is an imminent risk or serious threat of physical      harm to self or to others (including suicidal o homicidal thoughts)
c)      When specifically ordered by a court of law