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Welcome to my site. I offer a safe non j​udgmental counseling approach. We all face struggles in life

at different levels and I am willing to meet you

where you are and journey alongside you.


My counseling service focuses on individual counseling dealing with

Women's issues:

  • postpartum depression

  • miscarriage

  • menopause

  • caring for elderly parents

Couples counseling including:

  • parent/child

  • husband/wife

  • business partners

  • effective communication

Other Areas:

  • college students

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • spiritual guidance

My personal experience and education combined with my true passion for helping others is the foundation of why I began my practice. We all face stressful situations, conflicts or doubts that invite us to explore new ways to cope with daily living. I am sensitive to each person's individual beliefs and concerns without judgment.

Teletherapy and Telephone Counseling

I offer online services. I realize that many people have extremely busy lives and cannot get into an office setting. It is very important to still take time for yourself and for your mental health. Online counseling will give you the flexibility to set up appointments tha​t are convenient to you and ​you do no have to leave your home. If the only time you have is in the middle of the night, email me and we can be in touch at your convenience. My preferred method of counseling is face to face but understand this is not an option for many. For those new moms or seasoned stay at home mothers, take the time for yourself when your children are napping. I wil​l still maintain the utmost of confidentiality and privacy and follow the APA

(American Psychological Association) Code of Ethics. Refer to the payment options and confidentiality for further information on this service.

Spiritual Guidance

I offer assistance in you​r sp​iritual journey. Spirituality is a very personal andif you feel the desire to reconnect with your spirituality or realize now is the time to find it, I might be the counselor for you.

This service is offered only to those who request it. Together we can exploreyour spiritual world and discover what you are looking for and what you are missing.

Postpartum Support

Take a look at our interview from 69 news. A real mom who can enjoy her baby after experiencing postpartum depression.

Interesting youtube video. Knowledge is power!


Positive Parenting:

Tips to help kids, parents transition from school to summer - WFMZ . . .


214 West Broad Street

Bethlehem, PA 18018



Email (safe and confidential):

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